Tennessee Highway Safety Office Lifesavers Director's Awards Recipients
August 24, 2017


Sheriff Terry Ashe, Executive Director of the Tennessee Sheriffs' Association

Our first award recipient is a long-time partner with the THSO. This individual has more than 40 years of law enforcement experience. In 2012, this individual retired as Sheriff of Wilson County and became the Executive Director of the TN Sheriff’s Association. His career as sheriff made him the second longest-serving sheriff in the state’s history in 2012. This individual also served in the United States Army 101st Airborne Division during the Vietnam War. He earned 3 Purple Hearts, one Bronze Star, and other distinct awards during his extensive military career. In 2016, this individual sparked the idea to create a public service announcement addressing the importance of death notifications. His idea led to the production of what is now known as “Knock at the Door.” Since its debut, this PSA received national attention and went viral on social media. 






Chief Deputy Tony Bean, Grundy County Sheriff's Office

Our second award recipient is an individual whose law enforcement efforts led Grundy County to record its lowest fatalities numbers in 2016 and 2017. Furthermore, Grundy County’s local seat belt usage rate has increased from 49% in 2015 to 73% in 2017. This individual implemented the Below 100 program agency-wide and assisted in the development of mandatory seat belt usage for sheriff's office employees. This individual also required all road deputies to complete ARIDE training, which was accomplished in February of this year.

Trooper James McKilligan, Tennessee Highway Patrol

Our third award recipient is an individual who patrols Tennessee roadways with tremendous focus and purpose. This individual is passionate about saving lives by keeping the roadways safe from impaired drivers. From October 2016 to July 2017, this individual made 48 DUI arrests. This impressive trooper graduated July 2016 from THP Cadet Class 716.






Lieutenant Philip Ashby, Clarksville Police Department

Our fourth award recipient is an individual who has portrayed a level of integrity and work ethic that goes above and beyond the status quo. His commitment to saving lives is apparent in the way he faces challenges and obstacles in his path. His leadership skills and character have secured him as an invaluable asset to the Middle Tennessee region. His unrelenting leadership was evident in 2015 when he suffered a sudden heart attack while attending the FBI National Academy. After recovering from a major bypass surgery, this individual swiftly stepped back into his role as Lieutenant. We are honored to have this individual as a traffic safety partner.


Tommy P. Thompson, 15th Judicial District's Attorney General 

Our fifth award recipient is the longest serving District Attorney General in Tennessee history. Appointed district attorney general in 1977, he is now serving his 6th consecutive term. "I’ve known this individual since I was 14 years old," said THSO Director Vic Donoho. "Prior to my law enforcement career, I’ve watched this individual prosecute major drug and vehicular homicide cases that left a lasting impression on me. This individual displays an extraordinary commitment to the safety of our roadways through aggressive prosecution. It is a great honor for me to present this award to someone who has been my friend and mentor for over 30 years."




Roger Hutto, General Counsel for the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security

Our sixth award recipient is the most senior legal advisor in state government. He has 36 years of counsel experience with the State of Tennessee and 41 years total service with the State of Tennessee. He serves as legal advisor to Commissioner David W. Purkey and his executive leadership team on complex legal issues. He also serves as a senior advisor for legislative review and oversight for bills proposed throughout the General Assembly affecting all facets of state government, including bills relating to highway safety and motor vehicles. He oversees the daily operations of the Legal Division. He also is responsible for management of the Legislative and Policy Division.





Tennessee Trucking Foundation

Our seventh award recipient is a unique organization that has proven to be a vital asset in educating teens and senior drivers. Many Tennessee crashes involve commercial vehicles. This organization recruits and selects a Road Team to provide driver safety education related to tractor trailers. In 2016, this organization began promoting TDOT’s Yellow Dot program, a major initiative to prevent senior driver fatalities. Road Team members started working to become Car-Fit Technicians and support Car-Fit Events throughout Middle Tennessee. As we continue to grow our teen and senior driver safety initiatives, we look forward to expanding our partnership with this incredible organization. 


Metro Nashville Police Department

Our final award recipient is an agency of men and women who successfully executed an aggressive campaign to prevent impaired-driving crashes in Nashville last year. Under the leadership of Chief Steve Anderson and his command staff, these officers made 2,562 DUI arrests in 2016. This agency maximized THSO grant funding to the best of their ability to serve and protect our roadways.







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